Mag Heroes

Mag Heroes

A podcast about magazines and the people who make and read them. Each episode I chat with a different person in magazines, finding out how they got into magazines and what they're currently working on.

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    20 — Felicia Pennant (Editor of SEASON)

    Felicia is editor of SEASON, a football magazine for and about women. We chatted about the magazine's position in giving female football fans a voice, a final-year thesis that sparked the idea for SEASON, and the unique way the magazine engages its readers.

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    19 — Kai Brach (Editor of Offscreen)

    Kai is the Editor of Offscreen, a magazine that looks at the human side of technology. We talk about the magazine's custom subscription and ordering system, problems Kai had with the magazine's new binding method, and Heftwerk, a Berlin-based collective of companies Kai helped set up to make producing a magazine a lot easier.

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    18 — Bethany Thompson & Sam Bradley (Editors of Counterpoint)

    Sam and Bethany are the editors of Counterpoint, a magazine full of illustrations and writing on a different theme each issue. We had a nice chat about Counterpoint's hand-bound and risograph production processes, moving from online to a very specific print product, and their upcoming issue about food.

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    17 — Christi Barnes (Managing editor of Woven)

    Christi is the managing editor of Woven, a Seattle-based magazine that interviews artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. We talked about the magazine's journey from a digital platform to a printed publication, personally interviewing for each feature, and a potential to grow the team for future issues.

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    16 — Wendy Huynh (Editor of Arcades)

    Wendy is the editor of Arcades, a magazine which buries itself in a city's suburbs for each issue. In our chat we talked about the magazine's origins as a student project, how the cities she features affect each issue and the magazine's raw design style.

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    15 — Lucy Chesters (Editor of Ethos)

    Lucy is the editor of Ethos, a magazine reporting on ethical and progressive businesses and business people. We chat about Ethos' crowdfunding campaign from last year, their collaborative publishing projects, and the balance between their print and digital efforts.

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    14 — Matthew Porter (Editor of DOG)

    Matthew is an editor of DOG, a "modern lifestyle magazine exploring the presence and influence of dogs and their owners in society.” It was great to hear from Matt about the magazine’s origins, how they go about selecting a different breed for each issue, and the ways they report on life with dogs.

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    13 — Johnny Crisp (Deputy editor of Perdiz)

    Johnny is Deputy editor and Translator at Barcelona-based Perdiz, a magazine "about people and the things that make them happy." We talk about some of the interesting stories unearthed for issue 8, how the team go about sourcing their content, and the multilingual aspect of the magazine.

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    12 — Sean Dagan Wood (Editor-in-chief of Positive News)

    Sean is the Editor-in-chief of Positive News, a publication focused on good journalism about the good things that are happening. We chat about the magazine's history, starting as newsprint in 1993, and its smart, ethical and positive publishing outlook.

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    11 — Lene Haugerud (Editor of Brygg)

    Lene is the editor of Brygg, a magazine about "conversation and coffee." We discuss Brygg's past as a Norwegian-language coffee magazine, it's change to an English-language cultural title, and what's coming up in the next issue.

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